We're Oklahoma and proud of it!

We're Oklahoma and proud of it!

There's a certain way that Okie's exist.  Livin' the dream in Oklahoma means fishing and swimming in the creek after the neighbors have blasted the cotton mouths out of the water. 

It means pickin' poke greens and water cress and having a "mess" of them with fried potatoes. 

Certain qualities.

Tough is one of our principal characteristics - the land can be productive but to wrangle a living, it takes ingenuity, relentless effort and most of all calloused hands. And we don't mind.

Fearless is another good descriptor - after all - tornadoes, quakes, varmints. Farming is a contact sport -dirt that's more clay than dirt.  And more rocks than dirt. 

Native - people of the land that still value old traditions.

And the one quality that sums it all up - independent.  Carving our path, whether that means digging it out of the ground or planting it in the ground, singing it loud or shooting for the moon we'll do it our way - the Okie way.

  • Gale Lee