About us

Lee Farm Road


Every day, we get an idea, an inspiration to create something.  And we have met so many other fine Oklahoman's that are just like us.  We wanted to create a unique place for these fine artisans to offer their handmade beauties.

Located in "Green Country" Oklahoma we run this outfit right from the 15 scrubby acres we call the farm.  Typically we only have chickens and dog and cat, but we do have plenty of wild critters - coyote, bobcat, beaver, opposum, racoons.  Pretty sure there has been a panther or two - that sound will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Handmadeoklahoma.com starts in 2017, but we have joined our two careers beautifully to have a hope that this other venture will come along.  Doug spent 20 years teaching the fine art of metal mastering at the local junior college before starting his successful race car valve cover and oil pan custom business.  Gale learned the art of web design and marketing and helped many small businesses through the years.

And while all that was going on we have made many purty things, just for the fun of it.  Especially Doug, he is unable to help himself.

So peruse our offerings at your leisure and feel the wind sweep through the pines because these are genuine, handmade, Oklahoma products made by Okies.

Thank you for stopping by.